Colorado Plateau Geosystems, Inc. has six paleogeographic DVD's (see list below). All paleogeographic maps are in universal JPG format. Some of the maps included on the DVD's are in the Paleogeographic Library.

*NEW* A completely revised North American series, Key Time slices of North American Geologic History ©, that includes 36 time slices, 15 facies-tectonic maps, and 16 plate-tectonic maps. The paleogeographic maps have nearly twice the resolution of the previous North American series (the older series with 93 time slices is still available -- the tight spacing of the time slices in the older series makes it a good DVD from which to make animations). The Key Time slices of North American Geologic History © DVD incorporates new data, new models, improved construction methods, and crisp map images.

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Each of the following contains JPG map files and PDF and DOCX text files. The paleogeographic maps are at full resolution for the given series (see below). A list of references used in map construction is found at

1-North American Key-Time-Slice Series © (NEW) 36 Time slices, 600 Ma to Present. These new maps use the latest data and construction methods; all maps were completely remade using latest techniques. The maps are 4762 X 5956 pixels (~16 X 20 inches @ 300 dpi). Most of the Arctic, and all of the Caribbean and Central American regions are covered on the maps; parts of Western and Northern Europe, NW Africa, and Northern South America show on many maps. State and Province boundaries are shown as well as a separate overlay with lat-long lines. Paleo latitude lines are also shown. Map projection is Transverse Mercator with 100 degrees W as the central meridian (same projection used on GSA's Geologic Map of North America). Each time slice includes a full-resolution JPG file and ~1/4 resolution JPGS. Also included are 2 terrane maps, 16 labeled plate-tectonic maps, and 15 facies maps (at least one per geologic period). Six text files include map explanations and keys, construction information, and 16 pages of references - the sources of data used in constructing the maps. [Note: time slices include at least two maps from each period (except Silurian --1) including four Jurassic, six Cretaceous and eight Cenozoic with one glacial maximum map]

2 - Colorado Plateau-Southern Rocky Mountain-Cordillera series © (Greatly expanded area) ~ 75 time slices that cover virtually every major formation of the region at extremely high resolution (4600 X4300 pixels); individual river systems, deltas, dune fields, etc show clearly on the maps. This recently expanded set is at the same detail as the older Colorado Plateau series, but covers a much larger area including California, Nevada, S. Oregon, S. Idaho, Wyoming, and the western Great Plains. Map projection is the same as used in the US National Atlas, Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection). Both county and state lines are shown.

3 - European series © 25 time slices at 25 m. y. intervals from 600 Ma to present. The maps are constructed at extremely high resolution (5700 X 4750 pixels) and cover all of Europe, North Africa, and parts of North America. Base map projection was unspecified but is probably Lambert Azmuthal equal area. Country boundaries and lat-long lines are shown. Also included are four PowerPoint presentations with paleotectonic maps and overviews of general geologic history.

4- Global series © ~ 30 time slices, 600 Ma to present and five additional maps projected 250 million years into the future. Maps are at 1500 X 3000 pixels. Each time slice comes in both Mollweide (oval) and rectangular projection, each with and without lat-long lines. Also included are global tectonic maps, at least one for each geologic period, and examples of orthographic (global view) projections. The series was constructed on a rectangular base using global plate models from the geologic litereature.

5 - North American series © (previous series) 93 time slices from 600 Ma to present. The maps are ~ 2000 x 2000 pixels. Also included are ~ 15 tectonic-sedimentation maps, at least one for each geologic period. The maps are on a modified orthographic projection centered at 40 degrees N and 100 degrees W. State and Province boundaries are shown as well as outlines of adjacent countries. The tight spacing of the 93 time slices in this series makes it a good DVD from which to make animations

6 - Western North America series © (recently extensively revised) 72 time slices at 1350 X 1600 pixels. Map boundaries are from central Canada to central Mexico and from the West Coast to Mississippi R Valley. Also included are 27 tectonic maps. Map projection is the same as used in the US National Atlas, Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection. State and Province boundaries are shown. The entire series was revised and completed in June 2011.

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PALEOGEOGRAPHY OF NORTH AMERICA © (previous series with 93 time slices)

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